Friday, January 18, 2013


Women In Hiding Press celebrates the voices of silenced women.

Women In Hiding Press promotes the personal, spiritual and social necessity—and responsibility—of speaking what is wrongly regarded in our society as unspeakable.

The imperative of Women In Hiding Press is to speak the unspeakable, to articulate through literary voice, artistic expression, and social challenge the rampant but dismissed reality of covert violence committed against girls and women and its unseen, devastating consequences.

The mission of Women In Hiding Press is to classify and validate socially and culturally ignored and disavowed abuse, to give essential structure and accurate definition to this violence committed at the edge of perception. Our goal is to negate the restrictive and prejudiced cultural and religious attitudes, and arbitrary social criterion for defining instances of sexual, physical and emotional violence against girls and women.

The objective of Women In Hiding Press is to give authority and honor to women’s voices—their silenced victim voices—and to reeducate and empower girls and women to witness and name—and declare—the abuse they suffered. Our purpose is to support and encourage every woman victimized by abuse to break the crippling tradition of silence and to take command of her story and transform it into personal power.

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