Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Do These Women Get Paid To Speak this Insanity?

By Philip Foley

If it wasn’t so tragic, I would have to laugh at this insanity. Do conservative women really believe this nonsense.  Do they really want to be chained to a male for support.  Do they still drink the kool aid.  With all their education and privilege they still do not recognize that they are their own authority. 

Read this LA Times Article by Robin Abcarian and make up your own mind.

Blame women's unhappiness on feminism? Sure, say conservative gals

An all-female panel discussion at the conservative Heritage Foundation which chose to "celebrate" Women’s History Month last week by inviting a trio of professional women to trash the very movement to which they most assuredly owe their status in the workplace

One of the panelists, Columnist Mona Charen stated the (here we go again) happiest women are protected and supported by men "during those times in their life when they are having and raising children."
"Feminism," she said, "disdains this natural urge in women, urging them to rely only on themselves."

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This passage reminds me of what Ms. Charen and the others are trying to sell us.

It’s so romantic reminiscing how her great granddaddy’s slaves were treated just like family, isn’t it?  Except for the manacles…  Oh, don’t let’s think about that.  Pass the fried butter, sweetie pie.  We can’t bother ourselves with the truth…it’s so…so…unappetizing.