Thursday, April 17, 2014

The Brutality of Philomena Lee

By Kathleen Hoy Foley and Philip Foley

In case you don’t keep up with Hollywood, Philomena Lee, adoptee advocate and blogger, once voiceless and faceless to the world, is now famous.  Made so by Judi Dench who portrayed Philomena in a movie about her trials at the hands of the totalitarian Irish Catholic Church.  Philomena, now an old woman in her eighties, was banished to a convent for the sin of becoming pregnant out of wedlock when she was a teenager in Ireland.  The Catholic Church forced Philomena to place the child in the closed adoption system.  The film tells the story of two consenting and willing adults forging a connection.
Philomena now uses her new-found notarity to brutalize other women as she was once brutalized by the Catholic Church.  By championing the cause of pursuing, stalking, tracking, and hunting down private citizens by stranger adoptees, Philomena advocates abuse of innocent, often times elderly, women.  Philomena enspouses militant tatics to expose the names and information of women who have lived with devastating shame and held desparate secrets for much of their lives.

Philomena’s situation is specifically her experience and must not be generalized and used to justify and encourage the criminal behavior of bullying and stalking old women.  Philomena ignores the significant issue of sexual abuse, the horror of impregnation by rape, the desperation of a girl impregnated against her will with no legal means of termination.  The confidential adoption process stood as the single means of rescue.  Those girls are now aging and elderly women being sought by the elderly Philomena.  It is woman on woman abuse.

No individual, no state, no church, no laws must be permitted to force a girl/woman to make public the most intimate details of her past, or forced to reveal and relive the most traumatic time of her life, or be bullied into apology for being a victim of an unwanted pregnancy.  Confidential adoption equals a catastrophic, unwanted, traumatic, crisis pregnancy.  Hunting down a woman because of what happened to her in the intimate confines of her body is ignorant, heartless, and abusive.  

Women In Hiding Press supports consenting and willing adults who have the adoption process in common forging a mutual connection.  We support a national/worldwide registry where biological sources and adoptees can mutually connect. 

Philomena was condemned by the Catholic Church as an undesirable, just like the aging and elder women she believes it is OK to hunt down, marginalize, harass and eventually destroy for selfish purposes.  As thinking adults we must remember what hunting down, marginalizing and harassing innocent people really is.  Elder women are often powerless and voiceless, as once was Philomena.  These women, victims of horrendous ordeals, must be protected with compassion, not threatened with destruction. 
So it is that Ms. Philomena Lee is outraged that the State of Pennsylvania is not currently willing to facilitate this hunting of elder and aging women because they will not open sealed, confidential adoption records.  Philomena stands outraged that the Pennsylvania legislation is thwarting her efforts demanding all access to the confidential past of elder women’s lives and screaming unfair!! Oh, the injustice of being hindered from exploding an old woman’s life to bits…
We are thankful to the legislators in Pennsylvania that have the wisdom to understand that sealed confidential adoption records were established for very valid and life affirming reasons.  We must protect the aging and elderly women who do not have the physical, emotional and/or financial resources to protect themselves from elder abusers like Philomena.